Call Center Hiring and Training

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Hiring / Training

RDI realizes that quality employees provide quality customer service to our clients. We hire and develop our employees with this in mind. RDI carefully outlines the unique needs of our clients. We then select employees with the skills to successfully carry out the work of our client.

Training also plays an important role in matching the most qualified employees to a campaign. RDI's large number of qualified employees ensures that we will have the right people to achieve our client's goals.

Recruiting from various sources provides RDI with a wealth of applicants. We follow a best practices approach to ensure consistency in the quality of employees. From there, our proprietary screening practices move applicants through interviewing, assessing, and placement. We utilize sophisticated personality assessment tools to measure key attributes that are consistent with successful agents in our operation. If determined that an applicant holds the proficiencies and character RDI demands, the applicant enters our training program.


RDI's training program is structured into different modules. Trainees begin with an immersion of company and specific department mission and values. This begins the on-going bond RDI grows and shares with its employees. Trainees continue to system familiarization and general department training. Once a trainee successfully completes the general training, they are placed into specific program/project training. Module training allows RDI to assess progression of its trainees and provide a conducive and structured learning environment. These proven factors are key to our successful trainee program.

Prior to live calls

Every agent experiences a week of intensive new-hire training, focused on essential communication skills and personal development. Additionally, all agents receive client/project specific training before conducting live calls. Client specific training varies based on each client's goals and objectives. All agents must also pass written exams and certification testing before taking live program calls. All training is developed with participation from our clients to ensure that critical information, goals and objectives are clearly understood.

On-going Training

One of RDI's main objectives is to consistently provide on-going training for our agents, our team leaders, and supervisors throughout the year. On-going training is conducted one-to-one, in focus groups, as well as in formal classroom sessions. The focus of these training sessions includes customer service and support, sales and rapport building and other client specific objectives.

Agent Profile

  • Average age is 31 years
  • 60% have post-secondary education
  • 65% female, 35% male
  • Majority of agents have been with RDI for over 2 years


Our motivation strategy and high compensation has allowed us to have high employee retention. Employees are able to enjoy a nice income in a competitive environment while experiencing camaraderie and teamwork.

Motivating is done predominantly through two techniques, competition and incentive. The competitive environment is created through teamwork, where groups of 10-12 agents are joined into a team with one dedicated supervisor ("team leader"). The agents compete individually and collectively as a team during each shift for a variety of incentive awards and bonuses.

RDI values the work of each employee. We recognize and reward loyalty. RDI strives to provide excellent training as well as an atmosphere of respect, support and success. Our commitment to employees is outlined in the following retention practices:

  • Open Communication/Open Door Policy
  • Feedback Forms
  • Focus Groups
  • Agent Advisory Committee
  • Career Development/Career Path Coaching
  • Over 70% of management team promoted from within

Growth and Retention

RDI provides its agents with several avenues for development. They include mentorship, workshops, on-going training, cross training and development courses to list a few. These avenues are some of the means RDI uses to retain, motivate, and develop quality-minded employees. Other means of retention include consistent leadership, competition, solid compensation, incentives, benefits, and a clean/comfortable environment. The proven success of these practices and factors fuel RDI with the quality-minded employees that allow us to exceed our client's expectations.

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