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Who We Are

RDI: Strategic, Flexible and Customized Solution

Over 35 years in business demonstrates our longevity. The tenure of our staff is a reflection of the knowledge and stability you will receive in your interactions.

Strategic in our business relationships, RDI works closely with our clients to develop quality initiatives and performance results. We continually assess results for trend analysis and opportunities for program improvement. We encourage open dialogue between teams for constant communication allowing for the continued development and evolution of each unique partnership.

We Know Your Industry 

At our core, we are a top tier direct marketing organization. We have grown to provide leading-edge outsourced services to our clients across the spectrum of vertical industries. We go beyond ad-hoc solutions to seamlessly integrate all touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.

Whether it's financial services, pharmaceutical, telecom, retail or utilities, RDI has the flexible capabilities to meet your needs, and the industry-specific expertise to design a solution that's optimized for your business. We are committed to being on the cutting edge of each industry we serve. We read the same trade magazines you read. We analyze your competitive landscape. We look past the hype to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market trends, regulatory issues, and myriad other factors that impact your business.

In short, we believe it's our business to know your business, in order to grow your business. From marketing strategy to outsourced sales and support, RDI's unique, industry-focused expertise gives your business the competitive advantage you deserve.

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